Fire Wood Briquettes and Kindling - 100% Recycled

Made from pure French oak - food grade

IL BRICCHETTO - A waste management project by Bord Industries

Our boutique parquetry flooring company, Renaissance Parquet is one of the leading flooring manufacturers in Australia. Given our scale of operation, we have taken a number of steps in our operational chain to give utmost importance to sustainable practices and longevity.

In order to reduce waste from our floor manufacturing processes, we recycle the waste wood and convert it into compressed briquettes and kindling cut offs to be used as bio fuel for BBQs, Pizzerias, wood fired ovens and open fire pits. Allowing us to offer our customers a high quality, untreated and natural cooking fuel for a very economical price compared to other products available in the market. Grab your box of il bricchetto today!